Private Blog Network (PBN)

Learning this trait is a large task but can really benefit an SEO business or a small business owner who wants to do their own digital marketing in-house. A private blog network is a network of websites that direct back-links to your “money” website (the main client site or your main business website). They allow manipulations of Google’s algorithm to aid in rankings for personal or client websites. We only use white-hat SEO tactics and promote only the safest ways to optimize your website. We have used this method for over 10 years and it is still growing strong. There are new techniques and methods we have in place to ensure that when Google algorithm updates occur rankings will not be effected. 

This course will teach you the inner workings of how to increase web rankings for clients or businesses a like by utilizing our specific techniques. You will learn how to use a web based server, purchase domains, how to set-up hosting, how to set-up a blog to make it look incredible, and much more. This course will take some time to learn but once the process is learned and the blog and hosting servers are set-up it is as easy as pie. Follow the link below to purchase this course and to learn more about our products.